Rebecca Gabriel


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Woman's Journey - A Life in Paintings
                  Rebecca Gabriel
     "Rebecca Gabriel gives us a potent insight into the inner and outer journey of the artist in critical times.  That the journey is one of the woman artist makes the revelation that much more poignant and profound".  Jean Houston  


Woman's Journey - A Life in Paintings is a quality paperback, 40 pages, and has over 40 full-color reproductions.  The text is a poetic discourse and follows the life-cycle of the artist's life and creative evolution over the past 37 years.  It may be ordered on this website at the "Comments" page  for $29.95 including shipping.  Also, it can be obtained through Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, Oregon, at 290 E. Main St., telephone (541) 488-0029, as well as at Gallerie Karon at 500 "A" St. #1, Ashland, Oregon.  The gallery phone # is 541-482-9008.  You may also order it through Bowker Books at your local bookstore.


     Rebecca Gabriel's book is a primary source for those interested in the medium of portraiture and in self-portraiture through the craft of oil painting, Her technical and formal expertise lends itself to an abundance of content, which suggests that painting as an expressive vehicle must first come to terms with painting as a formal language. Gabriel reverses the claim that feminism in art requires a contrary approach to the medium. In fact, the work of this artist does precisely the opposite. Her ingenuity in perceiving her subjects -- including herself -- depends on an ability to understand painting as a language. By understanding the personal aspects of this language, the artist is the capable of projecting content in a subtle and affective manner. I understand "A Woman's Journey" as being about a search for reality, an intimate reality that painting of this order makes possible.

     Robert C. Morgan, international and New York art critic 


Review Bloomsbury Books: These are soul bearing paintings in the service of light and truth…

     This monograph is a poetic voyage in image and word through the career of Rogue Valley figurative painter Rebecca Gabriel.  Her paintings, here detailed over several decades, evolve to exhibit Old Master and Quattrocento techniques and sensibilities in the service of contemporary psychological depth and modern themes.  In RG’s realism, a pattern is more than just a pattern---deeper waters are stirred. The accompanying text by the artist, a wonderful guide to her oeuvre, creates a lovely synergy and rhythm to this exquisite book. This is a work that flows.  We hope to see a volume II.                       K. Davidson